Collective Worship

Collective worship is often referred to as the beating heart of a church school as it offers a wonderful opportunity for all members of the community to meet together, explore issues together, think through questions together, and respond to others and, for some, to God. At Nailsworth C of E Primary School, this is no different.

We are committed to offering high quality collective worship, recognising and valuing collective worship as central to fostering a sense of community (one of our core values) and to expressing the school’s Christian vision - 'Together we rise, we learn, we love abundantly.'

Collective worship in our school is inclusive, invitational and inspiring and intentionally ensures that Collective Worship enables pupils and adults to flourish spiritually (SIAMS 2023).



We aim to offer children the opportunity, without compulsion, to discuss and reflect on their own spirituality.


We offer everyone the opportunity to engage in collective worship, whilst allowing the freedom for those of other faiths and none to be present with integrity.


We aim to ensure that worship is creative and inspires children, through music, liturgy, stories and reflection time.

We aim to develop children’s appreciation of the variety of traditions, globally, in the Anglican/Methodist Church

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Individual Worship Design 

At the start of every Worship, we invite the whole community to worship with us through the words:
'We have gathered in the name of 'God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit, to worship together and to think about (    ). This is the day that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.'
Throuhout the worship, we use the tempate of 'windows, mirrors and doors' to encourage reflection: a mirror to help children see themselves; a door to help them open up to others and a window to help them find a place in the world.

We wholeheartedly endorse this philosophy and support children in understanding their relationships with themselves, each other and the world. Everyday, we join together through Collective Worship to share these Christian values with our children to help them find their place in the world.

We end each worship with a dismissal incorporating our Christian vision and four core values

Go in peace and with respect

We go in peace and with respect

Go with compassion as a community

We go with compassion as a community

Go with perseverance and love

We go with perseverance and love

Lord, help us to work together to achieve our vision....

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.

Worship Rota

We have a clear Worship rota that ensures even coverage of our vision, core values and termly value, as well as collaboration with the local community. Please see an example below:

Celebrating Achievement

Each Friday, children’s achievements are celebrated and parents are encouraged to share in this experience by coming along to a Friday Celebration Assembly. 

Class Assemblies are another opportunity for parents to come along and celebrate their child’s learning – dates are published on the school calendar and in our newsletter. 

If you would like further information about Collecive Worship, please see our Collective Worship Policy

If you have any specific questions around collective worship, please contact our RE and Collective Worship Lead, Lisa Goodfellow.

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.